SPLOST V McDonough looking at intersections and sidewalks

McDonough built sidewalks along Veterans Drive using SPLOST IV funding. (McDonough photo)

The SPLOST V committee met this week at McDonough City Hall. City administrator Keith Dickerson presented an overview of possible city projects and the committee reviewed possible improvements within commission district III.

Each city receives a portion of the SPLOST proceeds based on population. Within SPLOST IV, Henry County received 75% of the proceeds and the remaining 25% was divided among the cities. McDonough received $17,451,500 in the current program.

McDonough Projects

Within the current program, SPLOST IV, McDonough has utilized funding to purchase public safety vehicles, resurface local roads, and advance major transportation projects. The city has contributed funds towards the 911 radio replacement, McDonough campus of Southern Crescent Technical College, and park expansions at Avalon and Alexander Parks.

The city’s SPLOST IV project list is available to view here.

McDonough plans to include similar projects within SPLOST V. McDonough Fire Department intends to construct a third fire station along McDonough Parkway. This will compliment the existing city stations on Keys Ferry Street and Industrial Parkway.

A number of intersections are being considered by the city for improvement. The locations are:

  • Construction funds for SR 20 at McGarity and Lawrenceville (the city included preliminary engineering within SPLOST IV)
  • Racetrack at Iris Lake Road (joint project with Henry County)
  • SR 20 / 81 at Bridges Road / Simpson Street (requires coordination with Georgia DOT)
  • McDonough Parkway at Bridges Road

Implementing sidewalks is an ongoing effort by the city. One million dollars in SPLOST IV was set aside for a sidewalk connectivity program and additional funds will continue to be budgeted for the activity.

In 2017, sidewalks were constructed along Racetrack Road, Bridges Road, and Veterans Drive. The city recently approved to add sidewalks on Simpson Street and Fairview Drive as part of a CDBG project.

Commission District III Projects

A major transportation project within commission district III will budget SPLOST dollars to widen state route 81 between Postmaster Drive and Bethany Road. The project is utilizing federal funds, which require a twenty percent local match. As much as $12 million in local dollars could be required for right of way acquisition, utility relocation, and construction. Additional dollars are under consideration for preliminary engineering between Bethany Road and Keys Ferry Road.

Another major project will involve finishing the McDonough Parkway between SR 42 and SR 155 north of the square. SPLOST IV has completed preliminary engineering and right of way acquisition. Construction estimates are over $5 million dollars.

On the west side of McDonough, the county is exploring improvements to Willow Lane. An intersection improvement at Bridges Road has a high likelihood of being included on the final project list. Sidewalks are under consideration along with repairing Bridges Road to reopen a historic connection with Mt Carmel Road.

The SPLOST V committee has two meetings remaining during 2018 and residents are welcome to attend. Meetings are held on Thursdays at 6:30 pm.

  • November 29 at Merle Manders Conference Center (Stockbridge / district IV / district V projects)
  • December 13 at Henry County Administration Building (countywide projects)

After the new year, a third and final round of committee meetings will be held within each commission district. Dates are available on the SPLOST V page and locations will be announced in December.

The SPLOST V committee has been formed by the Henry County Board of Commissioners to consider possible SPLOST projects, collect public feedback on the proposed improvements, review cost estimates in consultation with county staff, and select a fiscally-constrained project list for the proposed SPLOST V program.

The proposed extension of the Henry County SPLOST program will be decided by voters in November 2019. If approved, the SPLOST V program will continue the existing tax collections for an additional six years through March 31, 2025.

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