New subdivisions proposed on Singley Circle and S Bethany Rd in Locust Grove

Map highlighting Berkeley Lakes subdivision phase II in Locust Grove (Henry County photo)

Two new subdivisions have been proposed within Locust Grove. The requests will have public hearings before the city council on Monday, November 19, at 6 pm. Meetings are held at the Locust Grove public safety building along highway 42.

The proposed rezoning from R-2 to PR-4 is shown outlined in yellow. (Henry County photo)

Singley Circle

The Bunn Family, LLC has requested a rezoning from R-2/CRS (single-family residential/conservation residential subdivision) to PR-4 (planned residential development) for 42.5 acres. The property is located along Singley Circle and on the eastern side of Berkeley Lakes subdivision. The purpose is to continue development of a single-family residential subdivision.

The property was rezoned in 2006 to allow minimum lot sizes of approximately 7600 square feet. The applicant is looking to rezone the property to allow a minimum lot size of 10,000 square feet, reducing the number of lots on the property. Site access will only be through the adjacent Berkeley Lakes subdivision.

The subject property and surrounding areas are designated low-density residential on the city’s future land use map, allowing up to 1.5 units per acre. The approved zoning already exceeds the FLUM designation.

The existing Berkeley Lakes subdivision is currently being developed with entrances along South Unity Grove Road and Davis Road. There are 161 properties within the subdivision all owned by Locust Grove JHJ LLC & 250 Fairburn Partners LLC.

The proposed R-2 subdivision on S Bethany Road is shown outlined in yellow. (Henry County photo)

South Bethany Road

David Standard has requested a rezoning from RA (residential agricultural) to R-2 (single-family residential) for 25.5 acres. The property is located along South Bethany Road north of the intersection with Mose Brown Drive.

Locust Grove’s R-2 zoning district requires 18,000 square foot lots. The applicant is requesting to build fifty lots on the property.

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