Flippen Road proposal includes townhomes and single family residential

Site location for the Flippen Road requested rezoning
The Pacific Group has requested a rezoning of 168 acres along Flippen Road. (Henry County photo)

The rezoning request was approved by the board of commissioners on January 22, 2019.

The Pacific Group of Atlanta, GA has requested a rezoning from RA (Residential Agricultural) to RS (Residential Suburban) for property located at 1007 Flippen Road. The property consists of 168.51 +/-acres, and the request is for a single-family residential and townhouse development. The property is located within commission district 5.

The applicant’s requested rezoning is supported by the future land use map. The subject property is designated for medium-density residential development, which allows between two and six dwelling units per acre. The applicant’s site plan has a net density of 5.94 units per acre.

The residential suburban zoning district is not utilized often, but is a good match for medium-density residential development. The RS zoning district “is intended to provide locations for a combination of two (2) of the following: single-family, duplex, or multifamily developments.” (Henry County ULDC) This encourages a natural step down within the development from townhomes to single-family residential.

The property has multiple creeks running through the property reducing the amount of buildable area. A fifty foot buffer is included along all creek boundaries to follow state requirements. A buffer is included on all property boundaries and landscaping will be installed along the I-75 frontage.

Concept site plan for Broder Farm development on Flippen Road (applicant photo)

The concept site plan depicts 390 residential units, to include 130 townhomes and 260 single-family residential lots. The single-family development includes 130 62′ x 120′ foot lots and 130 72′ x 120′ foot lots. Single-family homes have a required 1,800 square feet minimum size.

Community amenities include a junior size swimming pool, playground, pavilion, dog park, soccer / multipurpose field, and walking trails. The amenities are clustered at the front and rear of the property.

A traffic study will be required to evaluate the development’s impacts and all recommended improvements will be installed by the applicant. The recommendations should include left-hand turn lanes at the development’s entrances along Flippen Road.

The request is estimated to generate an additional 780 students at Red Oak Elementary, Dutchtown Middle, and Dutchtown High collectively. This will result in the need for thirty-one additional classrooms.

School capacity cannot be used as a reason to deny rezoning. The next opportunity to expand existing schools or construct new facilities will be through the education SPLOST VI project list, to be developed in 2021.

Staff has recommended approval of the request. The staff report may be viewed on the county website. The report evaluates the request against the comprehensive plan and includes a higher resolution version of the site plan.

A public hearing on the request will occur at the zoning advisory board meeting on November 8 at 6:30 pm. The meeting is held at the Henry County Administration Building located at 140 Henry Parkway in McDonough. A second public hearing will follow before the Henry County Board of Commissioners at a later date, at which time a decision will be rendered on the applicant’s request.

This article is part of a series focused on the November 8 zoning advisory board meeting.

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