SPLOST V looking at county vehicles and facilities

SPLOST has funded over twenty county facilities, including ten fire stations. (Staff photo)

Henry County has historically used a portion of SPLOST funding to build new county facilities, renovate existing buildings, and purchase new county vehicles. Building projects have included fire stations, senior centers, courthouse expansions, libraries and recreation centers.

SPLOST V is being considered to fund Henry County’s first ever fleet replacement program. Deputy County Manager Brad Johnson has worked with county departments the past year to develop the fleet replacement schedule and the program requires approximately $3.78 million dollars in annual funding to implement. Mr. Johnson presented the proposal to the SPLOST V committee at the recent meeting in Fairview.

Past SPLOST funding has been used to purchase new public safety vehicles and DOT equipment. The proposal under consideration incorporates the rest of the county government. The list below breaks down the request by department, sorted from largest dollar amount to smallest:

  • Fire / EMS* – $10,000,000
  • Police* – $5,000,000
  • Sheriff* – $4,000,000
  • DOT – $1,200,000
  • Animal Control* – $350,000
  • Tax Assessor / Commissioner – $300,000
  • Senior Services – $250,000
  • Courts – $240,000
  • Code Enforcement* – $200,000
  • Community Service – $200,000
  • Fleet – $200,000
  • Recreation – $200,000
  • Technology Services – $150,000
  • Elections – $90,000
  • Development Authority – $70,000
  • Emergency Management* – $70,000
  • Airport – $35,000
  • Communications – $35,000
  • Connecting Henry – $35,000
  • Coroner* – $35,000
  • Risk Management – $35,000

The request totals $22,695,000. Departments within public safety are marked with an asterisk and represent 87% of the funding request.

The county manager’s office has requested ten percent of the SPLOST program go towards county facilities. This request would be an estimated $16.5 million dollars. Some of the projects that could be considered within this category include renovations at animal control, a new elections building, the Fairview police station, renovations at fire stations, and expanding the county jail.

Public safety and county facilities have received 25% of the SPLOST IV funding. The county manager’s request to the committee will maintain the 25% in contributions.

The proposed extension of the Henry County SPLOST program will be decided by voters in November 2019. If approved, the SPLOST V program will continue the existing tax collections for an additional six years through March 31, 2025.

The SPLOST V committee has been formed by the Board of Commissioners to consider possible improvements and recommend a project list to the board. Meeting dates and locations are available here.

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