SPLOST V District V looking at road widening projects and sidewalks

Concept layout of West Village Parkway widening (Henry County photo)
Concept for West Village Parkway widening (Henry County photo)

The SPLOST V committee recently met in Fairview to discuss commission district V. Several of the projects under consideration involve road widening and sidewalks.

SPLOST IV has funded preliminary engineering and right of way acquisition to widen West Village Parkway between Fairview Road and the Clayton County line. Approximately five million dollars will be needed to compliment remaining funds to construct the project.

Other road widening projects under consideration include Fairview Road between Panola Road and Heard Road & East Atlanta Road between Fairview Road and Valley Hill Road. SPLOST V will consider funding preliminary engineering and right of way acquisition with hopes of securing state or federal funding to complete the projects.

Sidewalks will be included alongside all road widening projects. Sidewalks will also be considered along Fairview Road between Anvil Block Road and the DeKalb County line.

The Henry County BOC has purchased land at Fairview Road and Panola Road to build a public safety complex. SPLOST V funds will be considered to construct a Fairview police station and rebuild fire station 6.

There is a greenway trails project programmed between Panola Mountain State Park and the Fairview Library. Additional funding through SPLOST V will be considered to continue the trail to the commercial activity center along Fairview Road.

No budget decisions have been made regarding the SPLOST V program. The committee will select district V projects for recommendation to the Board of Commissioners at a meeting in March.

The proposed extension of the Henry County SPLOST program will be decided by voters in November 2019. If approved, the SPLOST V program will continue the existing tax collections for an additional six years through March 31, 2025.

The SPLOST V committee is holding biweekly meetings throughout the county to hear from residents and select projects for the proposed program extension. Meeting dates and locations are available here.


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      Clayton says:

      I have not heard the roadway mentioned during any of my discussions with county staff, but I’ll be happy to refer the project for possible consideration in future funding.

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