Proposed self-storage in Stockbridge scheduled for public hearing

The proposed self-storage business is outlined in red. The purple shading shows the Stockbridge city limits. (Henry County photo)

The Stockbridge city council voted 5-0 to deny the rezoning request. The proposed self-storage facility will not build.

Seven acres accessible via Tributary Parkway off highway 138 are scheduled for a public hearing before the Stockbridge city council on Monday, October 8, at 6:00 pm at city hall. The applicant is requesting a rezoning from Stockbridge’s C-2 (general commercial) to C-3 (heavy commercial) to allow for self-storage.

The land is currently undeveloped. It is designated for low-density residential on the 2030 future land use map; however, the property and neighboring lots along highway 138 are already zoned for commercial use. The proposed 2038 future land use map for the city of Stockbridge corrects this by labeling the area for low density vertical mixed use.

The applicant, Martin Bonea, intends to build 300-400 storage units plus parking if the request is approved. The applicant intends to build on less than five acres out of the seven acre parcel.

Stockbridge staff and the city planning commission have recommended denial of the request. City staff found that the proposed land use is not consistent with surrounding residential developments and “removes the opportunity for additional general commercial development with a residential mix.”

The subject property borders Spivey Ridge subdivision to the south. Should the city council approve this request, preservation of natural trees along the property line would be beneficial to adjacent homeowners. This would serve as a buffer from heavy commercial to residential land use.

The meeting agenda is available on the Stockbridge website.

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