SPLOST budget updates for September 2018

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The Henry County SPLOST program provides funds for capital projects and transportation improvements through the collection of a local one-percent sales tax. An update to the program budget was recently published, dated September 17, 2018. Financial updates are published every two to three months by county staff.


The SPLOST IV program was approved by voters in November 2013 with collections beginning on April 1, 2014. Collections will continue through March 31, 2020. Program expenditures to date total $119,276,478.

Current project balances total $26,106,456. The remaining funds budgeted is assuming the SPLOST program collects an estimated $190 million, of which $142.5 million is distributed to Henry County. The difference is split amongst the cities based on population.

Projects with a current balance greater than $100,000 are listed in the table below. Projects with remaining funds less than that may be viewed in the budget linked below the table.

Project Current Balance Status
Countywide Projects – $10,482,609 Remaining
New I-75 Interchange south of SR 155 $5,261,327 Interchange Justification Report submitted to FHWA for review
New Police Station in Fairview $2,000,000 BOC vote to purchase land on October 2
SPLOST Program Management $1,226,019 In Progress
911 Radio Replacement $956,805 Complete
Airport FBO $823,371 Design in Progress
District I – $458,958 Current Balance*
Peeksville Road paving (New Hope to bridge) $248,844 Right of Way Acquisition in Progress
District Roads Resurfacing $107,744 In Progress
District II – $5,776,494 Current Balance*
SR 155 widening (I-75 to Bill Gardner Pkwy) (Design Only) $1,825,000 GDOT Project to fund and construct
Mill Road at Mt. Carmel Road intersection improvement $1,210,000
Selfridge Road dirt paving $753,888 Design in Progress
South Cleveland dirt paving $732,365 Construction out for bid
Hampton-Locust Grove Road widening (ROW only) $500,000
Simpson Mill at Hampton-Locust Grove intersection improvement $484,218 Construction to be bid out by year end
District Roads Resurfacing $398,780 In Progress
District III – $4,858,814 Current Balance
McDonough Parkway (SR 42 to SR 155) $1,206,065 Right of Way Acquisition in Progress
Jackson Lake over Mackey Bridge replacement $640,165 Complete
Lake Dow/Rogers at Rosser intersection improvement $602,016 Complete
Turner Church Road dirt paving $475,575 Complete
Campground Road at SR 155 intersection improvement $462,025 Right of Way Acquisition complete; Project on Hold
Oak Grove over Walnut Creek bridge repair $323,720 Complete
District Roads Resurfacing $315,345 In Progress
Elliot over Walnut Creek bridge replacement $252,495 GDOT Construction in Progress
SR 81 widening (Postmaster to Bethany) (Design Only) $246,099 Design in Progress
North Ola Park expansion $105,233 Additional ball fields under construction
District IV – $490,250 Current Balance*
District Roads Resurfacing $619,893 In Progress
Elliot Road dirt paving $116,559 Construction in Progress
District V – $4,039,331 Current Balance
West Panola widening $3,272,142 Final Design in Progress
Anvil Block Road widening $298,449 Construction in Progress
East Atlanta at Thurman / Flat Rock intersection improvement $253,804 Design in Progress
District Road Resurfacing $157,283 In Progress
Total SPLOST IV – $26,106,456 Current Balance
*Current Balances within districts I, II, and IV each include one large negative account balance on a project awaiting federal funds reimbursement

View the SPLOST IV budget here.


The SPLOST III program collected revenues from April 1, 2008 to March 31, 2014. SPLOST III expenditures to date total $157,930,763 with $1,767,631 remaining in project accounts.

Projects with current balances greater than $100,000 include:

  • King Mill Road at SR 42 – $200,000 [complete]
  • Old Highway 3 at SR 81 – $559,054 [completed earlier this year]
  • Campground Road extension – $756,673 [project under construction]
  • Fairview Road widening between Cook and Thurman – $120,405 [complete]

The projects mention above total $1,636,132. The difference of $131,499 is distributed across other projects in lesser amounts. All remaining funds will be redistributed at a later date to one of the small number of projects in need of additional funding.

View the SPLOST III budget here.

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