McDonough approves 2018 road resurfacing projects

The McDonough city council awarded a contract to Piedmont Paving Inc. to repave a variety of roads within the city. The contract cost totals $983,349.82.

The contract is paid for through SPLOST IV and Georgia DOT’s Local Maintenance and Improvement Grant. SPLOST covered $747,562.92 and LMIG funds paid for $239,786.90.

The roads to be resurfaced total 3.8 miles. The roads are as follows:

  • 2500 sq. ft. on Bridges Road from Concord Terrace to an intersection
  • 900 ft. of Vaness Drive from Bridges Road to Gardinia Drive
  • 4,000 ft. of NEC Drive from Industrial Parkway to the city limits
  • 920 ft. of Turner Street from Covington Street/Ga. Highway 20 to Sims Street/Ga. Highway 155
  • 1,700 ft. of Brookside Drive from Fieldcrest Drive to the cul de sac
  • 650 ft. of Dunn Street from John Frank Ward Boulevard/Ga. Highway 155-81 to Hood Street
  • 1,000 ft. of City Square Boulevard from Zack Hinton Parkway/Ga. Highway 155 to Township Terrace
  • 2,300 ft. of Sloan Street from Hampton Road/Ga. Highway 20-81 to Bryan St.
  • 875 ft. of Kelly Road from Jonesboro Road to the city limits
  • 1,780 ft. of Cap Welch Drive from Zack Hinton Parkway/Ga. Highway 155 to the road’s end
  • 1,600 ft. of Wesley Lakes Boulevard from Jonesboro Road to Cameron Road
  • 900 ft. of R.L. Stewart Court from Carver Road to the cul de sac
  • 510 ft. of Hazelhurst St. from Sloan Street to John Frank Ward Boulevard/Ga. Highway 155-81
  • 1,375 ft. of Lemon St. from Keys Ferry Street/Ga. Highway 81 to Tomlinson Street
  • 1,380 ft. of Lakemont Drive from Ga. Highway 81 to the road’s loop

The list of road segments was reprinted from the Henry Herald.