Locust Grove to consider annexing ninety-eight acres

Map of proposed annexation into Locust Grove
The area hatched in yellow has requested annexation into Locust Grove. The areas shaded in purple are the existing city limits. (Henry County photo)

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September 17 update: the city council voted 3-2, with council members Greer and Boone against, to accept the applications for annexation.

A public hearing will follow at a later date to annex the properties or decline the land owners’ request.

The Locust Grove council will consider eight applications for annexation during Monday night’s council meeting. If the applications are accepted, the city will consider potential impacts to municipal services and notify the county about the request before rendering a decision on incorporating the properties into the city.

The applications total 98.3 acres enclosed by Pine Grove Road, Davis Lake Road and Colvin Drive. The Norfolk Southern railroad forms the western property border. The majority of the land is owned by the Gardner family who rezoned their historic peach orchard for industrial land use earlier this year. The Gardner 42 warehouses broke ground in August.

A request to rezone the land to light manufacturing is anticipated if the annexation occurs. The unincorporated Henry County future land use map designates the land for medium density residential, but the city of Locust Grove FLUM designates adjoining lots for industrial use.

The council meeting will also include five public hearings. A requested rezoning for duplexes along Grove Road, variances to reduce front setbacks within Locust Grove Station, and a conditional use permit for a scrap metal / recycling facility on Walker Crossing are included.

The Locust Grove city council will meet on September 17 at 6 PM to consider accepting the applications. The meeting will be held at the Locust Grove public safety building next to city hall. The meeting agenda is available here.

5 thoughts on “Locust Grove to consider annexing ninety-eight acres

  1. Hello ! I would like to comment on the newly completed traffic intersection in Fairview. I think a round about would have been better. Now, coming home, i sit through three lights to get my chance in the evening. The first light was good, the second 3 way stop was ok, but this new setup is fixing a problem that did not exist. Every since Ft.Gillem closed, the number of people going that way dropped significantly. BTW, are those barrells ever going to get off East Lake? It would be nice to have the right turn lane cleared.


    1. Hi, the Anvil Block connector is an ongoing construction site and I anticipate tweaks are being made daily on the new signal timing since it activated this week. You are welcome to call the Henry County SPLOST department at (770) 288-7319 and they can assist you with any questions on how the project design was chosen.
      I anticipate the barrels along East Lake Road is at the Kroger Marketplace construction site. Since that is a private project, I am not sure their schedule or scope of work along the public right of way.


  2. You people are absolutely crazy and everyone of you need to be fired. You had the opportunity to make Lovust Grove into a beautiful small town city and you are turning it into an absolute nightmare. You and your semi’s will have a great partnership. Thanks for letting the citizens of your city vote in the fiasco.


    1. Please reach out to the city council members and let them know your thoughts and concerns. One of my goals at Moving Henry Forward is to let residents know about potential land use decisions before they occur so that they can communicate with elected officials and attend any relevant public hearings.


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