Surge in Self-Storage seen countywide

Recent months have seen a strong increase in the number of self-storage units being built, with few areas of the county unaffected.

The board of commissioners gave approval to one project in Luella at SR 155 and Bill Gardner Parkway. That project is unique because the applicant plans to build an office building with internal access to the storage units.

U-Haul purchased an empty warehouse along Eagles Landing Parkway and renovated the building into self-storage. A similar site is under construction off Avalon Parkway and SR 155.

Stockbridge has an upcoming public hearing on July 16 for a request to build mini storage off SR 138 and Locust Grove has a pending application for annexation from Zach’s Mini Storage at SR 42 and Harris Drive.

I encourage every local government in Henry County to require the construction style found in the Luella project – self storage positioned within an office building. The traditional mini units distract from having a quality visual appearance along commercial corridors.

Only time will tell if this new surge in supply is truly justified by demand. I’m not so sure.

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