McDonough looking at Postmaster Drive roundabouts

Campus Map for McDonough High and McDonough Middle
Campus Map for McDonough High with proposed roundabout in yellow (Photo: Henry County Schools)

Recent discussion by the McDonough city council focused on Postmaster Drive and providing safe travel options for the upcoming McDonough High and Middle. The city is looking to advance improvements for the ninety degree turn located at the eastern end of Postmaster Drive prior to the schools opening next August.

Early site plans for the new schools displayed a roundabout at the intersection, which will function as the entrance to McDonough Middle School. The project was removed because E-SPLOST funds cannot be spent off school property, but the city is ready to now take on the charge.

A roundabout is the preferred option over a traffic signal so that school traffic may stay continuously moving. Cobb County has installed a roundabout at the main entrance to Pope High School in Marietta.

McDonough council member Sandra Vincent encouraged city staff to explore Safe Routes to Schools funding for the project and asked that any necessary sidewalk improvements be included within the scope of work.

Proposed roundabout at SR 81 and Postmaster Drive
Engineering concept for SR 81 at Postmaster Drive (Photo: Georgia DOT)

In other news for the area, the city council has approved an agreement to pay lightning cost should state route 81 and Postmaster be improved to a roundabout. Georgia DOT is working on preliminary engineering for the SR 81 widening project, scheduled for construction in 2022. Part of the design work includes evaluating all intersections on the route for signals, roundabouts, or restricted crossing U-turns.

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