Locust Grove holds Gardner 42 public hearing

Map of ClayCo and Gardner 42 projects in Locust Grove

Map of ClayCo and Gardner 42 projects in Locust Grove

This is an update to 400 acres of warehouses pending before the Locust Grove city council.

During the Locust Grove city council meeting on April 16, the public hearing was conducted for the Gardner 42 project. Four individuals spoke during the public hearing.

Two speakers are nearby residents of the project. It was requested that the project provide improvements at the intersection of SR 42 and Jackson Street, and to rebuild the historic peach stand after the project is complete. Both requests are under consideration by the developer and city staff.

A third speaker was concerned about continued truck traffic on residential streets. The installation of additional “no trucks” signs and designating truck routes within the city will be addressed by Locust Grove.

MHF Editor Clayton Carte spoke against the project asking this land be utilized for high-quality residential units with walkable connections to Marketplace Blvd. Clayton asked the council to be visionary regarding the commercial frontage on Marketplace Blvd and how additional population in close proximity could drive those goals.

Clayton asked for a buffer along I-75 to preserve the visual appearance of the interstate. Part of the Henry County comprehensive plan includes policies designed to maintain and improve the look of the I-75 corridor. The developer and city were onboard with this request.

Gardner 42 will be voted on by the city council on May 7. Moving Henry Forward expects no objections and for the project to be approved.

The public hearing for ClayCo phase II has been postponed until June. The developer is in the permitting process with the Army Corps of Engineers and continues conversations with the city on mitigating the conflict with the proposed I-75 interchange at Bethlehem Road.

Locust Grove staff is committed that these projects will be the furthest south the city allows warehousing to develop. Land use around the Bill Gardner Parkway interchange is envisioned for high-end apartments and commercial mixed use.

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