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The Transportation Improvement Program, responsible for allocating federal funds towards transportation projects, is currently accepting public comments on a proposed amendment. The program is overseen by the Atlanta Regional Commission for the twenty county metro area.

Four Henry County projects have proposed changes. The most impactful change affects the northern terminus of the SR 155 widening project. The current limits are from I-75 to SR 81, and the proposal shortens the project to end at US 23 / SR 42.  We encourage all Henry County residents to submit a public comment asking for this change to be removed. It is to the benefit of Henry County for the project to continue on-track with the SR 81 northern terminus.

Two projects will be new additions to the TIP program. The projects are the SR 42 widening in Locust Grove and West Village Parkway widening in Fairview. The SR 42 project is funded by Georgia DOT with proceeds from the transportation funding act of 2015, and the West Village Parkway project is funded through Henry County SPLOST dollars.

A bridge replacement project on Hampton-Locust Grove Road over the towaliga river will be moved to long-range aspirations after the year 2040. This project is currently scheduled for the 2030’s decade. This is a minor change, and the project could be reinstated if the bridge becomes a concern.

The public comment period is open from March 26 to April 24. To see the full project list and information on how to submit public comments, visit the ARC website.

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  1. I’m really sad to see this coming to our quite town that is already a nightmare to just try to go to town by way of hwy 42.Then try to go north on I-75 get to the north side of anywhere or south coming back to the city is beyond terrible. I think the people of Locust Grove should attend this zoning hearing if you do not want our town to become another truckers paradise .Our county is so over crowded with so many cars and no infrastructure to handle all the traffic!! We have so many unpaved roads and our councilmen and women want to bring more traffic to an already disfunctional road system. I think we need an overhaul in the people making all these bad decisions!! Our schools are so overcrowded now and I’m seeing all the subdivisions being built where are those children going to go to school?? Wake up He y Co residents!!

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