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This blog strives to inform residents about transportation projects and land use decisions affecting Henry County, Georgia located in south metro Atlanta. Published by Clayton Carte on a completely volunteer basis, the site’s content covers state and federal roadway improvements, local SPLOST projects, and active rezoning requests to help residents stay engaged about our transportation network and future growth. Be sure and read some of our blog posts for the most recent news or visit one of the information pages linked below.

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Support of Henry County Government

Moving Henry Forward respects and supports the Henry County Board of Commissioners and Henry County employees. Final determination of transportation projects is an extensive process and Moving Henry Forward will work with county employees in a positive manner to help advance the most beneficial transportation projects.

Non-Government Association

Moving Henry Forward is not affiliated with the Henry County government, the Atlanta Regional Commission, the Georgia Department of Transportation, or any other government entity. Views published on this site are solely those of the editor, Clayton Carte, and is not intended to represent any official government source.

Accuracy of Information

Moving Henry Forward will strive to keep the information on this site as up-to-date as possible, but the information presented is subject to change. Official government websites should be referenced to guarantee the most current accurate information.

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